Our 9 Hole, Par 3 Golf Course at Oakview Lakes provides exceptional challenge and play. Experience a unique golf course comprised solely of all-natural Florida scenery. Land that once was used for a cattle ranch operation has never been changed, altered or removed from its original existence. The golf course was designed by Oakview Lakes owner, Roger Wright, to capture the essence of Central Florida's natural 

1052 total yards with holes ranging from 88 to 166 yards. Several challenging holes will have you teeing off over freshwater lakes and taking bridges to cross over to the greens.

The most memorable challenge is our 4th hole. A total of 101 yards and has an island housing the green accessible only by bridge. Land on the island, and you're a champion! Otherwise, your ball will join hundreds of others that will 

heritage with remarkable scenery - freshwater lakes flowing in from the Peace River, mature cypress, palm, pine and mossy oak trees that tower, and eagles, egrets, blue jays, sandhill cranes, and ospreys that fly overhead.

end up in the freshwater among the fish and alligators. Enjoy a morning or afternoon playing our Oakview Lakes Golf Course or join the Men's, Ladies or Couples Oakview Lakes Golf Teams.

Play our Challenging 9 Hole, Par 3 Golf Course!